Hound Transformers G1

Hound Transformers G1 Box

This is the Autobot scout known as Hound. He is part of the Transformers generation one, or G1, series released by Hasbro in 1984. His original auto form is a Mitsubishi J59 military vehicle. In the Transformer’s story line he is a very kind autobot and actually really likes humans and Earth. In fact, at times he wishes he could “feel” just like humans do. He’s also one of the few Transformers that doesn’t really miss their home planet of Cybertron.

Hound Transformers G1 Car

Hound is a dreamer but that doesn’t affect his ability as the Transformer’s main scout. His motto of, “observe everything remember even more” is indicative of his commitment to his duty.

Hound Transformers G1 Parts

Hound was issued with his signature Hologram Gun, a machine gun, missile launcher, 3 missiles, spare tire, and a gas can. The missile projectiles were spring loaded and could be fired from the missile launchers. Apparently the springs were substantially weakened in the U.S. models for safety reasons.

Hound Transformers G1 Robot

The G1 version of Hound is not that difficult to find unless you want him sealed in the original box. Then you’ll have to fork over some serious money. The Japanese version from Takara has sold for $350 in the sealed box. The U.S. version sells for about $150 to $200 in the unopened box. Loose with all his accessories will bring about $50 to over $100 depending upon the condition.

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