Jazz Transformers G1

Jazz Transformers G1 Box

Jazz is one of the Transformers first generation, G1, autobots released in 1984. In the original Transformers story line he was Optimus Prime’s right hand man. But, there is an even more interesting backdrop to Jazz’s history. In the Marvel comic series, before Optimus Prime became the leader of the Transformers, Jazz was part of a small group called the Magnificent Six. They were sent in to Decepticon territory to cause problems. They discovered a plan by Megadeath to set off neutron bombs on Cybertron. The Six fought Megadeath’s crew in a town called Yuss and lost with Stampede eventually being tortured and killed. Megadeath hid the residents of Yuss and then challenged the Six to try to find them before the bombs went off. Instead the Six hid and waited. When Megadeath did not see the Six searching for the residents he went down to Yuss to see what was going on. The Six incapacitated Megadeath and tried to force him to tell them where he hid the residents of Yuss. He wouldn’t talk. The Six had to leave both Megadeath and the residents of Yuss to the fate of the exploding bombs.


Jazz is a lover of earths music and takes the shape of a Martini Racing Porsche 935 Turbo in auto form. Martini is misspelled Martinii on the sticker. As a robot he features a Photon Rifle, a missile launcher and three missiles. The 1985 version has the heat activated rub sign on the right side of the hood. A version of Jazz was also given away as a mail in special for Cookie Crisp cereal. That version does not have the “Martinii” on the door stickers and does not have the front windshield or rear spoiler sticker at all.


Jazz in a sealed box sells for about $500 to $600. Loose and complete he sells for around $25 to $80 depending upon condition.

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