Ironhide Transformers G1

Ironhide Transformers G1 Box

Ironhide is one of the G1 autobots from Hasbros 1984 Transformers line. Above is the Hasbro version in the box while below is his original Diaclone version still in the box. As you can see there is not much difference between the two designs other than the box art.

Ironhide Transformers G1 Diaclone

In the Transformer story line Ironhide is a somewhat ornery Transformer. He is also one of the oldest Transformers and is known for his water gun which can shoot most any type of liquid.

Ironhide Transformers G1 Auto

As you can see Ironhide in auto mode is a van or what was originally called a red Nissan Onebox Cherry Vanette. I’m not sure what a Vanette is but it doesn’t sound very intimidating.

Ironhide Transformers G1 Robot

Ironhide actually split into two pieces when transformed into a robot. One piece is basically a battle platform while the other is the robot form which could be mounted on the platform. The earlier Diaclone versions of both Ratchet and Ironhide were not sentient robots. In fact, they were supposed to be controlled by a human in a drivers seat. Once the Transformers cartoon and comic came out the characters were changed to have robot heads and faces but those two early Transformer toys did not. So, they are not very similar to the later Transformer characters.

Ironhide Transformers G1

A mint, sealed Ironhide in the box will sell for up to $500. The original Diaclone in the box sells for about $550. Loose, Ironhide will sell for about $25 to $85 depending upon accessories and condition.

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