Brawn Transformers G1

Brawn Transformers G1 Card

Brawn is another of the smaller Transformers released in 1984 and his generation one, or G1, figure is known as a mini vehicle or mini autobot. He was small of stature in the original cartoon series as well. He is the Transformers demolition expert.

Brawn Transformers G1 Instructions

His car version is a modified Toyota Landcruiser that, for some reason, also has a Jeep Willy front grill. The spare tire on top is not removable.

Brawn Transformers G1 Loose

There are two variations of the Brawn action figure (other than the rub and pre-rub versions). The version pictured below is from a later production run. You can tell because the facemask is fully integrated into the car bottom. It is all one piece.

Brawn Transformers G1

As you can see in the Brazilian version below the faceplate has gaps. That’s because there are holes there and the top corners of  Brawn’s helmet and his lower faceplate actually protrude through those holes. The early production runs with the holes is more difficult to find then the later run version. You’ll also notice that the Brazilian version is a different color. Many of the autobots, including Brawn, had color variations across different countries.

Brawn Transformers G1 Brazil

Prices for Brawn are similar to other mini vehicle autobot figures. A pre-rub version MOC will run $300 to $400. Loose he sells for about $10 to $50 depending upon condition. The earlier faceplate variation sells for a little more.

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