Major Matt Mason Toy Checklist

The Major Matt Mason toy line was fairly large and diverse. Below is a list of items shown in Mattel’s catalog for Major Matt Mason. Keep in mind that even though item 6356, the Orbitor with Or, and 6380, the Voyage to Galaxy III Set are in the catalog they have never actually been found. Most likely they never made it out of prototype stage.

Major Matt Mason toys from Mattel

5046    Man in Space 3-Ring Vinyl Notebook Binder
5055    MAN_IN SPACE, Major Matt Mason Wallet
5064    Man-In-Space, Major Matt Mason Space Diner Lunch Box
5157    Talking Command Console
5453    Space Exploration Game
6300    Major Matt Mason Flight Pak
6301    Moon Suit Pak
6302    Astro Trac
6303    Major Matt Mason with Moon Suit
6304    Space Crawler
6305    Rocket Launch Pak
6306    Satellite Launch Pak
6307    Space Probe Pak
6308    Space Station
6310    Space Station Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set
6311    Space Crawler Action Set
6316    Space Ship Case
6317    Sgt. Storm Flight Pak
6318    Major Matt Mason with Cat Trac
6319    Sgt. Storm with Cat Trac
6320    Reconojet Pak
6321    Space Shelter Pak
6322    Satellite Locker
6327    Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set
6328    Mobile Launch Pad
6330    Captain Lazer
6331    Callisto
6332    Jeff Long Space Scientist-Rocketry with Cat Trac
6333    Doug Davis Space Scientist-Radiologist with Cat Trac
6336    Major Matt Mason and Space Power Suit
6337    Space Mission Team
6339    Uni-Tred and Space Bubble
6340    Firebolt Space Cannon
6341    Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set
6342    Gamma-Ray Gard Pak
6343    Supernaut Power Limbs Pak
6344    Space Power Suit Pak
6345    Space Bubble
6346    Uni-Tred Space Hauler
6347    Space Travel Pak
6351    Firebolt Action Set
6353    Lunar Base Command Set
6355    Space Discovery Set
6356    Orbitor with Or
6357    Star Seeker
6359    Scorpio
6360    XRG-1 Reentry Glider
6361    XRG-1 Reentry Glider with Major Matt Mason
6362    Talking Major Matt Mason
6378    Talking Matt Mason with XRG-1 Reentry Glider
6379    Major Matt Mason Super Power Equipment Set
6380    Voyage to Galaxy III Set
6386    Star Seeker Walk in Space Set
8178    Astro Trac Gift Set
8874    Astronaut Boxes Space Center Exclusives

List of items from Western Publishing Co

Major Matt Mason Coloring Book
Major Matt Mason Pressout Book
Major Matt Mason “Moon Mission” Big Little Book
Major Matt Mason Frame-Tray Puzzle
Major Matt Mason Boxed Round Puzzle

Other items
Major Matt Mason Wallpaper
Major Matt Mason Collegeville Halloween Costume
Mattel Major  Matt Mason Trading Card

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One thought on “Major Matt Mason Toy Checklist

  1. I recently posted a blog post about Major Matt Mason and did a podcast on it as well. You might find these of interest. You can read my blog post at You can hear the podcast on iTunes, just look for The Collectors Show and you will see the one I am talking about.

    Your site has the most extensive MMM line I have seen. Thank you for the good work. MMM was my favorite toy growing up. I am glad there is still interest. All the best.

    Harold Nicoll
    The Collectors Show

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