MOTU Action Figure Values

I have compiled a list of recent sales for Masters Of The Universe Action Figures. These are all AFA graded figures. You can scroll through the list to find the figure you are interested in and then read the titles for specific information on the figure etc.  The titles are pulled directly from auction listings so they aren’t always as informative as one would like. All listings are completed so the price listed is the final sale price. You can also sort by figure name, price, bids, etc.

FigureTitleBidsDateSale PriceImage
SkeletorSkeletor New MOTU AFA 80 weapons complete MOC mint MIB 12 back lot12/04/2013$700.00
King HissKing Hiss 1986 Mattel MOTU Series 5 King Hiss AFA C75 B85 F90 NM No Reserve142/03/2013$78.77
Buzz Off1984 Mattel MOTU Series 3 Buzz-Off AFA C70 B60 F85 Y-EX No Reserve72/03/2013$78.00
SaurodMasters of the Universe MOTU 1987 Saurod AFA 8591/30/2013$42.00
He-ManMasters of the Universe MOTU 1984 Thunder Punch He-Man AFA 8591/30/2013$61.01
Hurricane HordakMasters of the Universe MOTU 1985 Hurricane Hordak AFA 8541/30/2013$60.00
NinjorMasters of the Universe MOTU 1987 Ninjor AFA 85 12445893201/30/2013$100.00
Scare GlowMasters of the Universe MOTU 1987 Scare Glow AFA 80 17226435211/30/2013$86.01
RokkonRokkon AFA 85 MOC MOTU Masters of the Universe91/30/2013$125.50
WhiplashMOTU Whiplash AFA 85 MOC 1984 Series 3 Unpunched Card11/26/2013$239.99
SkeletorAFA 85 SKELETOR 8 Back SERIES 1 NM+ MOC Masters of the Universe MOTU21/23/2013$2,025.01
StonedarMOTU Stonedar AFA 70 MOC 1985 Series 411/20/2013$79.99
MantennaMOTU Mantenna AFA 80 MOC 1985 Series 411/20/2013$89.99
Mer Man1983 Mer Man 8 Back Spain AFA 80 MOC 80/85/85 MOTU Unpunched Carded Clear221/13/2013$202.50
WebstorMOTU Webstor AFA 80 MOC 1983 Series 3 Unpunched11/13/2013$139.99
Webstor1984 MOTU WEBSTOR AFA 80 Unpunched Crystal Clear Bubble still in AFA bag11/12/2013$149.00
SkeletorMasters of the Universe Skeletor and Panthor Gift Set AFA 90 Y No Reserve MOTU361/09/2013$865.99
Modulok1985 Masters of the Universe MOTU MODULOK misb AFA 80 Unpunched21/07/2013$127.50
Man At Arms1981 MOTU MAN-AT-ARMS AFA 80 Light Blue Belt Variation61/07/2013$31.00
Trap JawMOTU Trap Jaw 1983 AFA 80101/07/2013$31.16
Bionatops1987 Bionatops AFA U80 MISB 80/80/85 Sealed MOTU Dinosaur AFA U 80 .291/06/2013$147.50
Moss ManMOTU Moss Man AFA 80 (Clear)11/06/2013$215.00
Mantisaur1986 Mattel MOTU AFA 80 Mantisaur MISB SEALED UNOPENED1212/27/2013$157.50
ClawfulMOTU Clawful AFA 80 MOC 1984 Series 3112/23/2013$129.99
He-ManHe Man MOC MIB Mint weapons original accessories AFA graded 80 85 85 MOTU figure112/08/2013$1,300.00
He-ManMasters of the Universe HE-MAN AFA 70 Movie Motion Picture Sticker MOC MOTU2911/26/2013$304.99
StratosMasters of the Universe STRATOS AFA 80 Y-NM 1982 12 Back MOTU1511/26/2013$228.49
MosquitorMasters of the Universe MOSQUITOR AFA U85 ULTIMATE BATTLEGROUND Comic MOTU 19862411/26/2013$147.50
Grizzlor1984 MOTU DARK BLACK FACE GRIZZLOR LOOSE AFA 901711/25/2013$82.99
RobotoMOTU Roboto AFA 80 MOC 1985 Series 4 Unpunched111/25/2013$149.99
GrizzlorMOTU Grizzlor AFA 80 MOC 1985 Series 4 Unpunched211/25/2013$132.50
DragstorMOTU Dragstor AFA 75-Y - Masters of the Universe MOC action figure311/24/2013$66.78
He-ManHe-Man Motu He Man Battle Armor Masters Universe AFA Graded 70Y MOC1611/17/2013$129.50

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14 thoughts on “MOTU Action Figure Values

  1. hi!! i have a masters of the universe toys? that i would like to sell? one is SKELETOR AND PANTHOR A SET I DONT HAVE THE BOX AND HE MAN AND BATTLE CAT HOW MUCH CAN I SELL THIS FOR AND WHERE LET ME KNOW.

    1. The best way to determine the value of a figure or set is to use eBay. Let’s say you have the Skeletor Panthor Gift Set. Just type in Skeletor Panthor Gift Set into the eBay search box and click Search. You’ll see a bunch of those sets for sale or auction. Then on the left of the page click the box that say SOLD LISTINGS which is under the heading SHOW ONLY. Then eBay will only show you those listings that actually sold. The sold price will be in green. You can then go near the top of the page where it says SORT. Usually the default sort is BEST MATCH. Change that to PRICE + SHIPPING: HIGHEST FIRST. Then you’ll see the highest sale price for that particular figure. Usually it will be a mint in box item that has been graded highly. Scroll down and you can check out all the sold listings for various conditions all the way down to the worst condition figure that sold. Decide what condition your figure is in and compare that to similar SOLD listings and you’ll have a good idea of what your figure is worth. Here’s a link for the Skeletor Panthor MOTU Gift Set that is already sorted so you can see an example.

      Skeletor Panthor Gift Set

      Good Luck!

  2. Hi

    I work for a charity and someone donated an original (1982/3) man-e-faces figure, still in it’s original box. There is a small hole in the plastic covering due to it’s age. I can’t find any guide prices for it anywhere! Could you give me an idea of how much i should sell it for? I have pictures of it if you need them!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, your best bet would be to look at the sold listings on eBay. Check this LINK (you may have to log in to ebay) to see what’s sold recently. These are actual sold auctions so they are a good reflection of the value of the items. Just scroll through the list and find a few that are in similar condition to yours and see what they sold for. That should give you a good idea of the value. They are listed from the highest sold price to the lowest which is usually dependent upon the condition of the item. Just a quick look shows a value of around $100 to $200 depending upon condition.

  3. Looking to see if it is worth my time to try and sell a Master of Universe toy set. Have the Castle, figures and lots more.
    Where do I go to look for prices or who buys them

    1. You can check Sold listings on eBay for current prices. Just remember to look at SOLD and not active listings. The sale price will be in green if it successfully sold. HERE is a link to SOLD castles sorted from highest price to lowest. The high priced versions are usually still sealed in shrink wrap and were never opened. Some are even graded on their condition by professional grading companies. Find a few that match what you have and yo’ll get a good idea of what it’s worth.

  4. I have a copy of Masters of the Universe movie. Where can I find the value of it? No box but is still good copy.

  5. I am looking to sell a He Man sit and play toy box in excellent condition. What are these type of items worth?1

  6. hello i have over 60 figures most of the 3 castles all mini comics that came figures and machines. looking to sell the hole lot

  7. Hey I have a 1985 masters of the universe evil horde modulok evil beast of a thousand bodies create your own monster never opened! Do you buy? What should I do? You have one for sale for $125

  8. hello, do you give ppl a idea what’s he-man is worth? i have all used stuff and my wild guess i have about 3 boxes of it. . i do have picture to share too. I just want to know idea what i have in them boxes (value wise)

  9. I just found a prototype thunder cat ,there is only 3 none to exist, i have #4 how do i sale it , it has Taiwan 1976 it has white dots in its eyes and the color is a little bit different.????

  10. I wa t to know the value of my prototype thunder cat , if it is the 4th one in existence well it should be worth a little bit??
    I have pictures ,it has 1976 on the leg and white dot in its eyes and the color is different am d i have his saddle but it is 1981 ??

  11. I have a large collection of vintage he-man action figures that are all sealed, carded, moc that I am willing to sell. Is there anyone out there that can help mE evaluate their value?

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