Constrictor Secret Wars

There were only two series of Secret Wars action figures released in the U.S. But, there was a 3rd series or, if you prefer, a 2nd series foreign release. Constrictor was part of this series and was only released in Europe, was not actually part of the Secret Wars comic series and has a bilingual cardboard back. Constrictor appeared in the Captain America comic line.

Constrictor Secret Wars

As you can see his accessories included his renowned whip and of course the secret shield. Given the fact that he was only issued in Europe this figure is more difficult to find then most of the regular issue figures and is possibly the most difficult of the entire line to find unopened. The design is underwhelming and they used the Daredevil figure with a different head sculpt and a repaint. Still, Constrictor is one of the most collectible figures in the Secret Wars series.

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