Falcon Secret Wars

Another figure that didn’t actually appear in the Secret Wars comic was Falcon (a.k.a Sam Wilson). He did have his own comic line at the time so it’s not like he was an unknown and he was, of course, Captain America’s occasional sidekick. Falcon appeared in the second series of Secret Wars characters from Mattel in 1984. While his wings were not the same as his comic line wings, Mattel did include his pet, Redwing, as an accessory in the package. The wings were moveable and his costume was his traditional design.

Falcon Secret Wars

Falcon also appeared in Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes line as well as Secret wars. Most of the loose figures of Falcon have long since lost Redwing so your best bet of picking a complete Falcon up is to buy one still packaged. Overall Falcon is a great figure and definitely one of the more dynamic looking from the Secret Wars series.

Falcon Secret Wars
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