Talos Star Trek Aliens

Introduced in 1975, the superhero Talos from the Star Trek Aliens Series had a short life. The production lasted only a year from 1975 to 1976 after which it was discontinued. Many a child was fascinated by the figure when they first saw it on the store rack. Many, however, felt that the figure was ugly and it had not even appeared on Star Trek.

The Star Trek Aliens Talos eight inch figure first appeared in the pilot episode of the series in “The Cage” as the character the Keeper. The figure is a well built figure with a sculpted head and has excellent vein detailing. In contrast to the frail and weak look of Talos in the series, Mego created a much stronger looking figure sans the robe in which the Talosians were originally depicted in the series. Mego instead represented the alien in a yellow colored jumpsuit which has a gold/black trim at the ankles, with a similar trim around the edge of the leatherette collar. The look is completed with a leatherette black belt and the bright orange boots some collectors like and some don’t.

Star Trek Aliens Talos

Talos, or the Keeper, is an interesting character and he belonged to a race of aliens who had not only survived for centuries, but who had developed their minds to a point where they could control illusion, perception and even utilize telepathy.

The Talos figure is pretty rare and you don’t see too many on the market still in the packaging. In fact, recently, March 2012, a Star Trek Aliens Talos in very good condition in unopened packaging sold for $635.00.

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