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Sometimes great mathematicians can go astray and it looks like Webstor was one of them. This Masters Of The Universe action figure was introduced in the early eighties along with his comic character. He is part spider and part man, hence the name “Webstor”. He has big plans for his life on Eternia and Mattel tried to bring them to life by making an action toy out of him in the 1984 series three release.

Webstor MOTU Card Back

The Webstor action character gets his power from his cunning thievery. He is able to sneak into the Royal Palace without much trouble. He also makes great fun of Skeletor with his poker-faced remarks. This is no bumbling villain with dreams of grandeur. He actually has a plan. Webstor has his own version of a Wind Raider, although his has spider legs. Webstor is one of the last of his race of spider people. His real name reflects his spider heritage; “Araneus son of Raknus”. His race was driven underground by the Snake Men. He may seem like a savage, but in reality he is an expert mathematician with a powerful mind. He is even invited to work with the Grayskull crew by He Man after helping He Man avert an alien invasion. He refuses, vowing to overthrow Skeletor and He Man as well. Webstor has six eyes but does not seem to have extended vision. He has been seen smart enough to be able to steal the power sword away from Prince Adam at times. His abilities to use a rope have earned him the title of, “evil master of escape”.

Webstor MOTU Loose

Webstor and the other 1984 Masters Of The Universe action figures are 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch figures of the day. Like many of the action figures of this series, he has extra chest armor. His accessories consist of an orange laser gun and a grapple with string. He could use the string to climb up, similar to a real spider. He is made from dark blue plastic and a head that has plenty of teeth showing. The chest armor is made in dark purple plastic and goes down to his mid section. A red belt holds his black shorts up and black boots finish up his fashion. His chest armor has bright neon red markings made to look similar to those of a black widow spider.

Webstor MOTU Loose Back

This Webstor action figure pivoted at the waist. This was interesting in that the waist contained a spring which brought Webstor back to his original position. This twisting of the waist was labeled the “power punch” by Mattel and many of the Masters Of The Universe action figures had it. The spring inside was really an elastic band. With some extended use or abuse the band would lose its elasticity over time.

Webstor MOTU Hook

There were no different versions of the original Mattel Webstor figure. He came in a “12 back” bubble package with depictions of 12 other action figures on the back of his package. Some of the figures came with a blue laser gun instead of an orange.

For collectors, the Mattel Webstor action figure is easy to find online. He will be available in a “loose” unpackaged form or in his bubble pack. For those who choose to buy him in the loose form, he will range from one dollar in very used condition to nearly $30 dollars. If the collector want a Webstor in an unopened package, he will range from $20 dollars up to $150 dollars. The higher prices will be commanded by a Webstor inside an an unopened package with an unpunched card. For those who want accessories for Webstor, his gun is super easy to locate.

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