Huffer Transformers G1

Huffer Transformers G1 Card

Released in 1984 by Hasbro and Takara of Japan, Huffer is one of the mini vehicles in that series. There are six mini cars in the series made to represent the smaller Transformers. In the Transformers story line Huffer is a construction engineer that ends to complain a lot.

Huffer Transformers G1 Car

It appears as though in car form Huffer is a semi truck of some sort and was originally deigned as an “American” truck. As you can see below he was also given a mouth plate in robot form which he didn’t have in the cartoon series.

Huffer Transformers G1 Robot

Huffer sells for $10 to $50 in loose form and for about $100 to $300 MOC depending upon condition.

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