Cliffjumper Transformers G1

Cliffjumper Transformers G1 Card

Cliffjumper is part of the initial release of the Transformers toy line in 1983-84 also known a Generation 1 or G1. He, like Bumblebee, is a smaller autobot known as micro vehicles or micro cars. He has a similar look to Bumblebee but with more square lines. While Bumblebee was modeled after a Volkswagon bug Cliffjumper is modeled after a Porsche 924 Turbo.


Cliffjumper was issued in red, blue and yellow colors with the most common being yellow in the U.S. I believe the blue was issued in South America. There was also a Bumblebee toy issued on a Cliffjumper card that is known as Bumblejumper among collectors.


Cliffjumper is an impulsive and trigger happy personality in the Transformer storyline. His main weapon is Glass Gas which transforms metal into glass which can then be shattered.

Cliffjumper Transformers G1 Loose

Cliffjumper is rare in mint on card (MOC) condition. His pricing is similar to Bumblebee’s. For and MOC Cliffjumper prices run about $450 in high graded graded condition. Ungraded with wear to the card will bring about $50 to $100. Loose he runs from $15 to $35. The blue version from South America is very hard to find and I’ve seen a fairly beat up one still on the card going for $450.00.

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