1978 Star Wars Villain Set

1978 Kenner Star Wars Villain Set

Kenner released three Star Wars “Three Pack” sets in 1978. This is the Villain set which includes a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader and a Death Squad Commander. It has the long play logo and white price sticker area at the top right corner that the original 12-back cards also have.

1978 Kenner Star Wars Villain Set

The card back shows all three trio sets from Kenner. They include the Villain set, Hero set, and Android set.

1978 Kenner Star Wars Villain Set

These trio sets are very rare a sell for quite a bit when they are available. In March of 2012 one of these sets sold for $2950.00.  More recently in June of 2013 an ungraded set in very nice condition sold for $3729.00. This is very close to the same price a Hero set sold for around the same time.  That set sold for $3718.00 and was graded AFA 85. Obviously, if you need one of these for your collection you may have a difficult time finding one. Still, they are not likely to lose value and more likely will escalate in value even more over time.

These sets were later re-issued by Hasbro and sold exclusively in target stores around 2012.

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  1. Hi , i have this villain set. I am so glad to have found this website. Cause i have been having a hard time finding this set on line. People have been low balling the heck out of me. Lol, thank god i am neither stupid nor desparate. Please let me know if you may someone looking to add this to there collection. Thank you.

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