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If you’re thinking about collecting or selling in the Star Wars action figure market there probably isn’t any one action figure that is as sought after than the 1978 Star Wars Darth Vader action figure. Well, except maybe the prototype Boba Fett.

Darth Vader Star Wars Kenner

The Darth Vader figure came out about a year after the movie Star Wars came out.  Kids and adults back then scrambled to the toy stores to get anything Star Wars related but soon found themselves in a black hole of action figurelessness.  Sure that’s not a real word but that’s how people felt.  They were screaming for Star Wars toys and only a trickle of things came out such as a few action figures and of these the 1978 Darth Vader stood out.  One of the two unique features is that it had a vinyl cloak and a double telescoping light saber (DTLS).  That was cool but the line was discontinued after the light saber proved to be too fragile.  Many of the light sabers not only broke but there were only a small number of them produced before Kenner changed the design.  This all makes for one fine collectible because not only is the DTLS Darth Vader rare upon rare when mint in box, but it’s price is now in the high five figures.  Yes, you can find this item going for $6,000 or more. Before you go running to list your Darth Vader on eBay to reap thousands of dollars keep in mind that Kenner only discontinued the double telescoping light saber and not Darth himself.  So, there are plenty of non-double telescoping light saber Darth Vaders around and they are worth less then a 50 bucks loose.  For a good overview of the light sabers used check out Imperial Gunnery.

Darth Vader Star Wars Loose

Darth Vader was part of the original 12 figures released by Kenner and what collectors call the 12 Backs. He was not part of the 4 early bird figures that Kenner released first.  Obi Wan Kenobi (Ben) and Luke Skywalker both had DTLS’s as well but since they were released earlier more of those figures were made with the DTLS. Because Darth Vader was released later and the decision to change the design was made shortly after his release there are far fewer Darth Vader DTLS versions in existence.

The Darth Vader 1978 action figure was the turning point for Star Wars collectibles.  He was the bad guy and mysterious.  He’d escaped the battle of the Death Star yet fans at the time still didn’t know his full origin.  It wasn’t until years later that his true origin was revealed and that made this figure an even more popular and sought after collectible.  It’s 3 ¾ inches tall and Kenner the company that manufactured it had no idea what they had created.  Somewhere there’s some Kenner guy who is crying figuring if he’d stashed some of the original figures away he would be rich.

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9 thoughts on “Darth Vader Star Wars

  1. I have a vintage Darth Vader with double telescoping light Saber,vinyl cape for sale loose..interested parties..email chrispioletti at yahoo.com

  2. Hi , i will sell my Darth Vader figure with the telescope sable in red from 1977 without original case !
    How much can i sell my Darth Vader?

  3. I have a darth vader and Luke sky Walker from 78 i Think, the little tap at the end of tight switch is broken OFF, no how Much is worth ??

    1. HERE is a list of Skywalker’s that have sold on eBay recently. Just find a few that match yours and you’ll know what they sell for.

      HERE is Darth Vader.

  4. We have got a kenner darth vader year 1978 double lightsaber, vinyl cape without box
    We also have a yoda year 1980 with beige Cape belt and cane without lizzard and box.
    We would like to know if anyone is interested.

  5. i have a 1977 Kenner Darth Vadar, with telescoping Saber, in Original box, unopened, with the 12 pack info on the back. Enclosed in hard plastic container, Does anyone know what type of price I should be looking to get for this>?> Thanks!

  6. I have two Kenner Star Wars cases with Star Wars figures from 77-79. I am looking to sell but not sure what they are going for. Have seen different prices obviously looking to find the legit price. Can anyone put me in the right direction.

    1. There are quite a few sales on eBay that should give you a good idea of a reasonable price. If you’re talking about the 1977-78 vinyl collector’s case the most recent sales on eBay are HERE. Take a look at the list and find which are most similar to yours in type and condition and go from there. This list is of actual SOLD items and not just listed items.

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