Spock Star Trek Mego

Spock Star Trek Mego

Aside from Captain Kirk, Spock was one of the most popular figures in the Star Trek series and movies. Mego was on top of things back in 1974 and created an action figure from Spock. The toy has since become a collector’s item. Read on to see more on the Mego Spock Star Trek figure here in this quick article.

For those looking for a Mego Spock Star Trek action figure, they will have to decide if they want the real thing or a copy. Some “retro” figures of Spock are selling for $27 dollars online, but the real Mego models are selling for around $40 dollars. That is for an action figure that is out of the box and is in the eight inch size. The taller size, measuring at 12 inches, will go for a little more cash. The 1974 versions of Spock are almost the same as the Doctor McCoy toys. All but the heads are the same. The Mego Spock figure went through some stages of development. His head was the main point of change. His face at first had lighter skin and some pink paint on the lips. This was changed over to no painting on the lips, darker skin and larger ears. The third incarnation was of even darker skin and even larger ears. His blue uniform came with a matching blue tri-corder and blue phaser. The communicator was blue as well. Black pants, boots and matching black belt finish off the uniform of the Star Trek science officer Spock. The rarest version of the Mego Spock was with the lighter head and painted lips.


Finding a Mego Spock Star Trek figure is not hard, but inspecting a “loose” ( not packaged ) figure is important. Paying a high price for a toy like this that has hidden damage would not be a happy experience for most people. Since some of the Spock figures are painted it is possible for some to have it rubbed off. Look for the head of the action figure to be molded in flesh color instead of painted. The painted versions can have the paint rubbed off the nose of the toy, even if Spock is not yet taken out of his bubble pack. Speaking of that, if you can find a Spock in his original box without Lieutenant Uhura drawn on the front, he will be worth more. For some reason, her picture brings down the price of the Spock figure.

Spock Star Trek Front

Mego Spock Star Trek figures are not rare, but still collectable. He goes with the other Star Trek figurines, so that they will not be complete without him. Mego also made other accessories for Spock and the crew. A “Telescreen Console” was created that Spock ( or the others ) could sit in front of, almost like a small video game. It featured scoring, enemy spaceship targets, a five inch screen, a phaser aiming control lever, authentic Star Trek sounds and the power switches. The art on the cards for the Telescreen Console was impressive.

Spock Star Trek Mego Back

Spock was the second in command on the Starship Enterprise. Star Trek would not be the same without him. A collection of Mego Star Trek figures would also not be the same without him.

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  1. The reason the cards without uhura’s face are worth more is because those are early production figures before they decided to add uhura to the line. Those cards are very rare. Ands only have 5 characters on it. The uhura card is a 6 character card ands more common of the still carded figures. Keep in mind this was all before actual collecting became a hobby. And toys were toys to be played with so most toys were taken out of the box and played with. Unlike today’s toys which now is just the opposite.

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