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Ram Man Card

There is no doubt having a hard head and springy legs can be of benefit against the bad guys. This thought apparently crossed the minds of those at Mattel. Ram Man was developed by them as a loner who has been the victim of abuse. His life with the Masters Of The Universe clan begins when He Man crosses his path. Mattel made an action figure out of Ram Man during their second series of toys in the early 1980s.

While there is no way that Ram Man could do what he does on purely human power, he nevertheless does not have the source of this strength revealed in the comics or on the packages his action figure comes in. His powers came in handy for He Man and Skeletor both in the television series. Skeletor manages to see the In the aftermath of the original fight with He Man, Skeletor convinces Ram Man to use his ramming abilities to attack the Castle Grayskull. Ram Man is smart enough to realize that Skeletor tricked him and eventually winds up helping the Grayskull crowd. Even though he is called the “human battering ram” he does not have a great deal of size to him. His legs are specially made to help him do his ramming job. They are equipped with springs and get him up to speed before hitting his intended target.

Ram Man Front

Ram Man and the other 1982 and 1983 Masters Of The Universe action figures are 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch action figures of the day. He came with the expected armor to do his unique job. His head is completely covered with imitation metal save for a small section for him to see out of. The action figure came with a small axe. His legs are designed as green springs leading up to his red coat. Silver cuffs on Ram Man’s wrists and a silver belt match his head dress.

Ram Man Coiled

The Ram Man figure was chubbier than most of the Masters Of The Universe figures. But that does not mean he did not come packed with the Mattel “power punch”. This was the ability to twist at the waist and return to his original position with a snapping action. The action came from an elastic band inside the toy. The band would wear out over time and lessen the effect.

Ram Man Back

The original Mattel Ram Man action figure had two versions. Some figures had silver armor and some came with gold armor on the head, belt and wrists. Otherwise, he was like his cohorts in that he came inside a “8 back” or a “12 back” bubble package. The first version is the earlier and rarer version. They are signified by having either eight or 12 depictions of Masters Of The Universe figures on the back side.

Ram Man Comic

For collecting, the Ram Man action figure may require some deep pockets. Masters Of The Universe toys were popular with the kids and now they are popular for collectors. A really nice Ram Man in an unopened bubble package will range from $300 dollars up to around $1300 dollars if it has an AFA grading. If he is out of the package, or “loose”, he can go for as little as $20 dollars on up to $50 dollars for one in graded condition.

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