Cheron Star Trek Mego

Cheron Star Trek Mego

Cheron was the strange name given to the deviant looking Star Trek alien from the television series. Being half black and also half white must have led Mego to copy the odd looking character. They did a fairly decent job, good enough to make him a collectible until today.

Cheron Star Trek Mego Card Back

The 1975 eight inch Mego figures included this Cheron figure. He was copied with somewhat less detail than some other alien Mego figures, but nevertheless, he is given points for being collectible. He is divided completely in half with one side black and the other white. He is given no arms, such as phasers, like Starfleet action figures. He has his cloth two tone uniform, boots and a belt, that is it. The boots are also matched to the color of his skin, with one black and the other white. Aside from the outlandish colors of the Cheron figure, there is not that much to him. As boring as the Cheron looked, he was made with decent quality. The body of the action figure was made of black plastic with half of the head painted white. One hand was painted white to complete the look. For some reason, the black plastic that Cheron was made from attracts bacteria. It is said that the dye used to color the plastic has tiny microbes in it, causing the dispersion of bacteria and mold. With the bacteria problem, it seems that aliens of a smaller type have invaded the Mego Cheron figures.

Cheron Star Trek Mego Front

Those who want to collect a 1975 Mego Cheron Star Wars action figure will not need to look very hard. They are not rare and can be found in markets on the web. Original Cheron figures go for up to $125, depending on the packaging and where it was manufactured. Finding a figure with the white half being eaten by bacteria is obviously going to make the price go down. The bacteria can even be inside the bubble packaging, so those toys that have never been removed or played with are still susceptible to the dreaded mold. Finding retro Cheron action figures is easy, and they are not that collectible. Those Cherons that are truly rare are the ones that came in special bubble packs. They are listed below.

Cheron Star Trek Mego Back

A 1975 Mego Cheron inside a bubble pack with ten drawn faces on the back is worth the least of the bunch. It has five Starfleet personnel and five aliens drawn on the back. A few other Mego toys are also advertised on the back. A Cheron with 14 faces drawn on the back is going to be worth a bit more. On this backing, the aliens outnumber the Starfleet personnel plus there are less Mego toys advertised. The Mego Cheron that is manufactured in the United Kingdom will be the most collectible. It has four aliens emblazoned on the front and Starfleet personnel intermingled with aliens on the back. There will be four Starfleet officers and five aliens made by an artist on the back of the rarest Cheron action figure package.

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