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Spiderman Secret Wars Action Figure

Marvel Comics hit it big with its 1984 crossover comic book series “Secret Wars”. This success led them into their first major foray into the action figure market and it was a great move. Fans who had begged for Marvel action figures finally not only got their wish but also got new versions of their superhero favorites as the saga had several in new costumes and powers. Secret Wars was a breakthrough in many ways. Fans went wild as the series showed superheroes and supervillains battling it out on a cosmic scale. Of course it wouldn’t be a Marvel all out battle without your friendly neighborhood Spiderman and his action figure dominated from this series.

Spiderman Secret Wars Action Figure

This Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars Spiderman action figure was made by Mattel in 1984.  It was part of the first series of Secret Wars figures. This Spiderman figure has the traditional red and blue costume that most comic and movie fans are familiar with.  But, there was a second Spiderman figure that was released in the second series that had a black costume as shown in issue #8 of the Secret Wars comic.  Both figures used the same mold, the only difference being the paint.  Unfortunately the web painting on both figures wears easily so they are difficult to find in loose mint condition.

Spiderman Secret Wars Action Figure

MOC the tradition costumed Spiderman item will sell for around $30-$50 or more while the black costumed Spiderman figure will bring $60-$100 in ungraded condition. As time goes by both should grow in value. When these action figures came out even grown men would buy up as many as they could and have wars on their dining room tables. It was a great time for collectibles and Marvel fans as it launched a new industry turn for the company. Fans demanded more and more action figures and the fact that the figures are still circulating is a testament to their popularity.

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