Dr Doom Marvel Secret Wars

Dr Doom Marvel Secret Wars

When it comes to Marvel Comics super villains Doctor Doom and the Red Skull stand out amongst the others though you’ll probably get arguments about that. Doctor Doom was the key villain player in the Marvel Secret Wars series. Fans had begged for years for a cool Doctor Doom Secret Wars action figure and they got their wish in 1984 with this Mattel figure. Strangely the action figure was not nearly as popular as the comic version of Dr. Doom and the figure didn’t really sell all that well.

The figure was a good representation of the comic version of Victor von Doom except that it lacked a cape. It has a hood covering the head but not the cape that Doom is so recognized for. This may be one reason for the figure’s lack of popularity. The figure was issued with a double barrel blaster gun that was used with many of the other Secret Wars figures as well as a blaster rifle that was only used with the Dr. Doom figure.

Dr Doom Marvel Secret Wars

If you’re going to collect the Marvel 1984 Secret Wars action figures you’ll need the Doctor Doom figure. The temptation to take them out of the package and start your own battles can be too much which is why you might need to get more than one. People still buy these Doctor Doom action figures for their display value. All in all, this is the first cool Doctor Doom action figure that came along. The Secret Wars series allowed for fans and collectors to act out their long awaited fantasies some of which were 20 years in waiting. So if you want to play like you’re the monarch of Latvia and take on the world or perhaps the universe then here’s your chance. Some fans just can’t help wanting to play the bad guy.

A Mint on Card (MOC) Dr. Doom Secret Wars action figure will fetch around $40 to $50 in ungraded condition.  I’ve seen loose figures with all the accessories sell for $80.00 in graded NM/Mint condition.

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