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Iceman Secret Wars Card

Iceman was an action figure and Marvel comics hero that was not originally sold in the United States. The Iceman came from Europe and was not a part of the “Secret Wars” comics series from Marvel. He was given his own limited series run by Marvel. He is not hard to find, and is a good target aim for if you are a collector.

Iceman, also known as Bobby Drake, is one of those imaginary beings that has lasted over the years. He was thought up by Marvel writers and included in a 1985 Iceman “mini series”. He starred in some comics with the original X-men, the Defenders and the Champions. Some call him the, “Master of Cold”. From this came the inclusion into the Mattel line of action figures. He is all one color, a greenish color, in his early incarnations. He is given a painted on black belt, but it is a small one. He came with only one accessory in 1984, a shield, and is considered many considered him a boring toy. As a comic character he was a part of the X-Men. If you are looking for him in France he goes by a different name; “Iceberg”. He appears to be a simple recast of the Daredevil character, but in a different color. His legs appear to be a redo of Captain America’s plastic legs.

Iceman Secret Wars Front

The Iceman figure has versions from 1984 that can claim from $10 up to $100 dollars on the market. If he has no box included, the price will be much lower. The later versions, from about 1992, are close to the ten dollar mark as well. For those living in the United States, the Iceman will be hard to find without the internet. He was created in Europe with two other unpopular Mattel action figures; Constrictor and Electro. Mattel was trying to cut corners, economically speaking, at the time. This led them to make the action figures with bodies of the same dimensions. The heads were different and the exterior colors were different, but basically they were recycled from the same mold. Not many were made, which contributes to them achieving a low status as collectible action figures.

Iceman Secret Wars Back

For collectors who are looking for a 1984 Mattel Iceman to buy, identifying an original package is not difficult. The card will have the bubble pack around Iceman and is blue with white lightning over the head of the action figure. The card says, “Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars” in large letters. He is identified as one of the “good guys” on the front of the card. The Iceman had imitations created, some by a company named, “Toy Biz”. The package for the Toy Biz models was red with the word “X-Men” above the figure. These figures appeared in the nineties. They are not from Mattel.

The “series 3” action figures were quickly arriving, and the 1984 Iceman would not longer be made. This toy therefore has some value as a collectible product from Mattel.

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  1. I have a golden torso iceman. I have seen a golden torso Secret Wars Iceman on that was sold on Ebay in 2001. Do you have anyinformation on the rare-ity??

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