Daredevil Marvel Secret Wars


The 1985 Secret Wars Series 2 action figure line from Marvel and Mattel included the superhero named Daredevil. Daredevil is blind, but that does not seem to be much of a hindrance for him. He developed his abilities after a childhood accident and can now do what is impossible for normal people to do. The Daredevil character is not that well known and probably isn’t on the top 10 super hero list but he is interesting. Interesting enough to make a movie with Ben Affleck as Daredevil. He wasn’t actually in the Secret Wars comic series he was still made into an action figure by Mattel. He had the customary shield that accompanied all the Secret Wars figures as well as a gray plastic baton. The head, shoulders, and hips are articulated.


Mattel gave him his signature red suit and mask. The mask served more than just keeping his character from being recognized on the street. It also covered his eyes since he was blind.  The Daredevil figure also seems to be the only one with a problem of paint bleeding. The face of Daredevil is painted pink over the red plastic. The flesh colored paint can bubble or turn fuzzy, allowing the red plastic beneath to affect the appearance of his face. For those who want to collect the Daredevil figure, look for a completely red or dark maroon action figure. He will have just a black painted belt and his Daredevil logo which is two letter D’s on his chest. The boots are the same red plastic with only painted lines for definition. Complete models will have his baton and shield as extra accessories. If you are looking to buy a Daredevil that has a baton, make sure it is the original article. Some sellers substitute a piece of regular plastic for the gray baton.

Daredevil Marvel Secret Wars

The Daredevil action figure from Secret Wars is not necessarily rare. Sealed on the original card the Daredevil figure is worth from $50 to $200. Loose figure pricing is around $15 to $45. The action figures in series 2 were not that popular and many of this series action figures were in the clearance bins at toy stores within two years of their creation. Daredevil was not too popular in the comics or in the stores.

The Daredevil Secret Wars figure was also offered with two other toys in what was called a “Super Heroes Gift Set”. Daredevil came with a Black Spiderman and Captain America. They all came with their special shields included in the gift set. The gift set is harder to find than a Daredevil by himself and is more expensive on the collectors market with an upper range of about $400 to $800.

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