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Whiplash MOTU Card

Strength and ugliness are on the side of some Masters Of The Universe figures. Whiplash was chosen for this duty. He stands as one of the right hand figures for Skeletor and his home is none other than the “Demon Zone” underground territories. He is a Caligar, and even though he has seen some conflicting roles in the comics and on television, he remains firmly on the side of Skeletor. Mattel made an action figure out of him in the early eighties and added him to the series three action figure toy line.

Torrant Krazut is the other name for Whiplash and he is given enough power to defeat Castle Grayskull champions like Fisto. His tail is the key to his power, but he is not mindless brute. He can think on his own as well as draw a crowd of supporters. He is a reptilian, like many of the enemies of Grayskull. He serves Kraal, which is a leader of the demons. He also serves Skeletor as well. At times he has interest in magic, such as in the episode, “Trouble in Trolla”, where Whiplash tries to dominate the home planet of Orko. His race, the Caligars, are generally peaceful creatures and see Whiplash as a trouble maker because of his allegiance to Skeletor. Caligars have powerful tails and can injure or knock over their opponents with them. This attribute earns Whiplash the title of, “evil tail thrashing warrior” by Mattel.

Whiplash MOTU Loose Front

Whiplash and the other 1984 Masters Of The Universe action figures are 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch figures of the day. He comes equipped with an orange spear and a long dark green tail. His skin is neon green and matches his head. Along the back of the figure is a long rubber tail that is attached to his back. Instead of having a “power punch” like the other fighters, he is designed to use the snapping motion to flick his tail at enemies. Otherwise, he has a removable chest protector that looks just like Buzz Off, but is painted a medium green. Large three clawed feet are enclosed with black boots for this figure. His legs have spikes similar to Clawful as does the back of his head. He is a straightforward action figure and many people claim him as their favorite.

This action figure pivoted at the waist. This was interesting in that the Whiplash waist contained a spring which brought him back to his original position. This gave him surprising strength to hit other enemies. The spring was actually an elastic band so it would wear out over time and with a lot of use.

Whiplash MOTU Loose Side

There were no different original versions of the Mattel Whiplash toy. He came in a box with a “12 back” card. All that means is that 12 other Masters Of The Universe figures were depicted on the back of his bubble pack. He was updated in later years to keep him current.

The Whiplash action figure, like many Masters Of The Universe figures were popular with the children. He therefore is a potent collector’s toy today. For those who want a “loose” Whiplash, he is going to range from less than a dollar for one in poor condition to up to nearly $18 dollars. A Whiplash figure in an unopened bubble package will range from $35 dollars up to $350 dollars. Those that come in an unpunched and graded package will demand more money. Lots of accessories are available for Whiplash, such as his spear and body parts.

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