Luke Skywalker 12 Back A Double Telescoping Light Saber Sells for $13,000!

Luke Skywalker 12 Back A

You don’t see this action figure come up for auction too often but when it does it brings big dollars!  Star Wars action figure aficionados will recognize this figure as Kenner’s 1978 Luke Skywalker. Not just any Luke Skywalker but a 12 Back A double telescoping lightsaber Luke Skywalker. It sold in March of 2012 for a cool $13,000! It is unpunched and AFA graded at 90 or NM/MT.  A very nice figure for anyone’s collection! A 12 Back C AFA graded 90 Skywalker sold for $12,000 a while back.

Luke Skywalker 12 Back A

As you know the Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader double telescoping lightsabers are very difficult to find given their low production numbers. Of course, the Darth and Kenobi figures are probably even more rare. It will be interesting to see what either of those sell for if they come up for auction.

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9 thoughts on “Luke Skywalker 12 Back A Double Telescoping Light Saber Sells for $13,000!

    1. Well, determining whether a figure is double telescoping when it’s still on the card is difficult. But, it’s not impossible if you have the figure in your possession. You can do what they call the “Paper Clip Test”. Basically, you take a paperclip and bend it out so it’s straight. There is a small gap between the bottom of the figures bubble and the card that you can slide the paperclip through. You insert the tip of the paper clip up inside the bubble toward the tip of the lightsaber and lightly push up on the lightsaber tip. If the tip moves inward then it is a double telescoping version. If it is solid and doesn’t move then it’s the single telescoping version. Of course, you would want to be very careful when doing this test so as not to damage anything.

      1. Usually the dt sabre is fully retracted which shows just a few mm (usually 3mm) of the extension tip. This is considerably less than a fixed sabre.

        In the unlikely case it is extended, again it’s considerably longer than a fixed sabre.

        If for some reason it’s extended to a similar length as a fixed, unlikely as it may be you can use the trick mentioned above or an easier way is you can actually see there are 2 parts or just one.

        The fixed sabre more often than not has a very thin bit visible moulding fin or line.

        The DT doesn’t have this as it’s a 2 freely moving pieces.

        As you can tell, I have very little free time ?

  1. G.M.F.G.I. 1977 hong kong luke skywalker with double telescoping light saber out of package still in fair condition

  2. I was going through my storage and came across all my toys from the 70s. I have star war figures but not sure how to get a correct value to sell them.

    Luke Skywalker
    Dark Vader
    N more. I have pictures

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