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Boba Fett Star Wars Kenner

Of all the Star Wars action figures that have come out, probably the most surprisingly successful one was Boba Fett Star Wars action figure.  He made his official debut in “The Empire Strikes Back” and was an immediate hit.  George Lucas didn’t realize how many fans liked him and his subsequent screen presence was cut in the final episode “Return of the Jedi”.  That being said, Boba Fett made his toy room appearance in 1980 as part of the 21 Back group and was almost impossible to find on shelves.

Boba Fett Star Wars Kenner Loose

No classic Star Wars collection can be complete without the 1980 Boba Fett action figure but at around $2000.00 for an unopened figure it is not easy to aqcuire.  This figure has some controversy to it as many old timers claim that Kenner had issued a missile firing Boba Fett.  Kenner to this day denies this but packaged versions have appeared and a few lucky collectors have one.  Word is that Kenner feared that the firing missile would be dangerous and they didn’t want to be sued.  I’ve also heard that a child choked on one of the missles and that was enough for Kenner to change the design during the prototype phase of development. They then re-issued a new version with the missile inoperative.  That’s the double whammy with these figures as not only are the re-issued versions worthy of $2k but the super rare missile firing Boba Fett figure is worth even more.  You might even see collectors willing to trade sets of other figures just for the rocket firing Boba Fett figure.  The hunt is on for these figures, both versions, and you’ll find collectors traveling to the far corners of the Earth for these figures.  From flea markets to estate auctions you’ll find collectors just showing up hoping to find them.

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4 thoughts on “Boba Fett Star Wars

  1. At first, at least, Boba Fett was ONLY available as a mail-order item, with proofs of purchase from other SW toys. And yes, the missle-firing version was re-called. If I remember correction after waiting forever for my original order, I got a letter either separately or with the new figure explaining the re-call and apologizing for the time it took to send me the (new) figure.

  2. I have this action figure in my hands right now . I also have the rocket launcher that works that come with it . All numbers match 31940 . Who do I need to contact that wants to but it ? I have everything except box and his gun . But he also came with a necklace and I do have it . Along with his belt .

  3. No child ever choked on a Boba Fett missle! The choking incident occurred in 1978 with a Mattel, Battlestar Galactica “Cylon Raider “… This was enough for Kenner to make the redesign.

    I too have the mail order Boba Fett. As JR mentioned, I waited almost a year for it to be delivered. The missle is non firing, though you can see where the firing mechanism was located, it has been sealed shut with plastic.

  4. Just looking through my figures and was curious. I remember doing the mail order Boba Fet. Not sure which one I still have, but 1979 is stamped on the back of his leg. It says they were released in 1980. It is non rocket firing. Do I possibly have a gem?

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