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Gorn Star Trek Mego Card Front

Gorn was a fearsome looking humanoid alien with a reptile head. He looked the part of the bad guy and fought Captain Kirk with a slow but convincing battle. He eventually lost, but Mego made the Gorn into one of their action figures. Now he is a collectible along with the other Mego toys in the Star Trek alien series.

Captain Kirk blew the attacking Gorn alien into the dirt with a simple cannon he made from minerals lying around. The 1975 Mego Gorn action figure may not be as tough as the one on the television, but he looks dangerous enough. Mego made him with a lizard head and a Klingon body. The Gorn action figure was given a brown head. The one in the television series was green, but that did not seem to bother Mego.

Gorn Star Trek Mego Card Back

The Gorn alien figure was the only toy in the eight inch alien series that was created out of spare Mego parts. The body is of a Soldier Ape and the head is of a “World’s Greatest Superheroes” lizard, but done in brown. The uniform is of a Mego Klingon. Thanks to the availability of the Klingon figures, the spare parts to make a Gorn are easy to find. Unlike other aliens and certainly not like the actual character, the Gorn had phasers and a communicator. They were orange-red in color. The Mego Gorn figures had different color tunics for their uniforms. The first version came with a reddish leather-look exterior coupled with a red lining. The second version was a tunic with a brownish color on the outside and the same red lining. The last version was made with the first reddish leather-look exterior and a potato sack color on the inside.

Gorn Star Trek Mego Loose Front

The 1975 Mego Gorn Star Trek alien action figure is not too hard to find out of the package. Getting a Gorn in the package may be a little harder.

Gorn Star Trek Mego Loose Torso

The front of a 1975 Mego Gorn package will have an artist’s version of an alien planet. There will be red and blue planets on the front of the card with either ten or 14 painted faces on the back. The Gorn card with ten faces will be the less valuable of the bunch. This card will have five Starfleet characters and five Star Trek aliens under them. At the bottom of the back will be advertisements of eight more Mego toys. The Gorn inside will have the first or second version uniform.

Gorn Star Trek Mego Loose Back

The rarer of the Gorn packages will have 14 faces on the back. They will be of various Star Trek officers and even more aliens. Underneath the bunch will be more Mego toys for sale. Getting on the internet and finding a 1975 Gorn will be worth it if you can find one with the 14 faces on the card. Gorn sells for $400 to $1000 if MOC and $100-$150 if loose.

Right Now on eBay 
Clicking a link to eBay may result in a referral commission being paid if a purchase is made.
Right Now on eBay 
Clicking a link to eBay may result in a referral commission being paid if a purchase is made.

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