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Ben Kenobi Star Wars Kenner Card

Ben Kenobi from the Star Wars movie series was also known as “Obi Wan” Kenobi. In 1978 Kenner made him into an action figure for the enthusiasts and later for the collectors. Depending on the condition, this Star Wars action figure can sell from $25 dollars up to $13,000 dollars or more. Get a closer look at the details on the Kenner Ben “Obi wan” Kenobi Star Wars action figure here in this informative article.

Ben Kenobi Star Wars Kenner Card Back

Ben Kenobi was the good guy, the one who fought Darth Vader in what is considered the best light saber fight in the Star Wars series. Ben “Obi Wan” was the victor over the dark side and so his action figures go for a pretty price. That is if they are in good condition. The 1978 series can command an especially high price. The loose 12 Back Ben Kenobi Star Wars figure from Kenner can go for as high as $300 dollars. But if he comes with a double telescoping light saber, he may sell for $13,000 dollars. A recent Ben Kenobi with the double telescoping saber was sold for $22,000 dollars on ebay last year. These are of course the rare versions and are hard to find. There are reported to be only 12 or less left in the world. They were a limited run by Kenner before they switched to the single telescoping version. A recent sale of a Star Wars 12 Back Ben “Obi Wan” Kenobi with grey hair sold for over $2000 dollars. It had a grade from the Action Figure Authority ( AFA ) of 85 NM+. It was a carded and not an open action figure.

Ben Kenobi Star Wars Kenner

The collectibility of the Kenner Ben Kenobi action figures from Star Wars are unquestionable. There are even fake models being put on the market, thanks to the scarcity of the double telescoping light saber version. There are even rarer versions that have a mushroom tip. The tip was designed by Kenner to keep the plastic from exiting the back of the handle of the toy. Reportedly, only one exists, making it a prototype. Some are hand painted and the coat that Ben Kenobi wears is cut from different material. It is recommended that a prospective buyer of the double telescoping version pay close attention to the toy they are thinking on buying. The imitation action figures have been faked very well.

Ben Kenobi Star Wars Kenner Torso

Some other variations of the Star Wars Ben “Obi Wan” Kenobi had to do with the color of the figure’s hair. Some came with grey hair and some with white. This will not affect the price of the action figure that much. Some versions came with the eyes painted a different color. Still other versions came with a wider stance. The height of the action figure is three and three quarters of an inch. Ben “Obi Wan” Kenobi was one of the first 12 action figures featured on the back side of the blister packs the toys came in.

Ben Kenobi Star Wars Kenner Back

The 1978 versions of Ben Kenobi should have the year they were manufactured stamped on them. You may find it on the back of one leg of the action figure. Do not be surprised if you find some were made in Hong Kong.

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6 thoughts on “Ben Kenobi 12 Back A Star Wars

  1. Hi, nice info on Obi Wan… I just thought I would let you know I sold my 12 back carded AFA 80 (dubbed the 8th wonder of the world by toy grader employees jokingly of course) I had it graded in Jan/Feb 2010 and sold it in June 2010 for $21,500. I had been told that obi wan DT’s were the rarest production figure ever. have a great day.

    1. i have 3 obi’s stamped G.M.F.G.I. 1977 HONG KONG that dont have capes or sabers and are in really good shape out of box i would love to sell one

  2. Hi I have a decent sized Star Wars collection from the late 70’s. Some are in good shape some are not (big ships etc). Where would be a good place to have it evaluated to sell?


    1. Well, the main place is probably AFA or Action Figure Authority. It’s not cheap so I would probably only send my best figures for grading. But, given the high price premium that is given to higher condition figures it is usually worth it to have them graded. You can search around eBay as well to get a good idea of pricing for different grades of the same figure. Just go to the eBay search box and type in the figure and add AFA and you’ll see all the figures that are for sale that have been AFA graded. Click on the SOLD or COMPLETED items and you can see what those figures actually sold for rather than just asking prices. Make a good assessment of what condition your figures are in and what they might sell for in that condition and then you can decide whether it’s cost effective to have them graded or not. Basically the AFA grading makes it safer for a buyer since an impartial third party has assessed the condition rather than the seller himself. That is why AFA graded figures sell for a premium. Of course if you think your figure is in mint condition and AFA grades it at only Excellent then you’re out of luck. That’s why you need to be conservative when grading your figures yourself before sending them to AFA. Anyway, the link to the AFA site is Good luck!

  3. ok fans im not so great with the history or the collecting but i have over thirty action figures still in good condition out of box matter of fact no boxes to any but some are mint they range from G.M.F.G.I. 1977 HONG KONG Luke Skywalker double telescoping light saber to a 1980 hong kong yoda with cloth robe and snake if any of you real die hard fans have any suggestions on where how and when i would love some feed back i currently have duplicates on 7 out of 30 mail me 1369 jr 89 at g mail

  4. I have ben 1977 yellow lightsaber and 1977 darthvader orange lightsaber and 1977 Anakin blue light saber all 3 DT and ben looks hand painted what would thease bring me if i was 2 sell let me know at

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