Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12 Back C

Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12 Back C

Here we have one of the more rare Star Wars action figures known to exist.  This particular figure is the Star Wars Luke Skywalker 12 Back C figure from the Kenner action figure line first produced in 1977-1978.  As you can see it was AFA graded at a 90 or NM/MT and is unpunched.  It sold for a hefty $12,000 in March 2012.  The price is impressive given that a similar figure graded at 80 will sell for around $1300.

If you’re not familiar with the backs there are three versions. The back refers to the back of the cardboard card in the packaging. There are three versions of backs for this figure. The “A” back has artist renderings of the first twelve figures in the Kenner set. There is a description for each figure and there are also instructions on how to use the telescoping lightsaber feature. There is also an offer to acquire The Action Figure Stand for $2.00 plus proofs of purchase. Interestingly, the light saber was originally planned for a few of the figures but was later dropped and not produced. Nonetheless the instructions still were printed on the packaging.

The “B” backs are similar to the A backs but added that the Action Figure Stand could be had for 12 proofs of purchase. The “C” back such as the one pictured here is the same as the B back except that the instruction for the use of the light saber are slightly different.

Four figures including Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and R2-D2 were included in what was called the “Early Bird Mail Away” special.

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  1. I have all three telescopic Star Wars figures but the Sabres are missing are these worth anything in this condition?

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