Lords of Light The Adventure Begins


The Lords of Light was a 3 1/2 inch short lived action figure line from the mind of Joe Ruzzi and PAC toys. PAC (Packaging and Assembly Corporation) developed the line using the Micronaut molds from the former Mego Corp which PAC had essentially bought out during their bankrupcty in 1982. PAC’s marketing showed the Lords of Light as Izzurians who were in constant battle with the Evilites. Note that Izzurain is a play on Joe Ruzzi’s last name spelled backwards. Sadly, the line fared poorly and it was discontinued within a year. In fact, of the 14 figures shown on the back of the card only 4 have been found. Allegedly most of them were actually produced but only the four Evilites have been found so far.

Shown above is Emperor Dementia the leader of the Evilites. Below is Toriac the dreaded bat-like creature. The other Evilites included Topen the Reptilian Killer and Nepos the swift insect-like annihilator.


The Lords of Light featured Lord Luma, Prince Futurion, Leborio and Equestrian. Why were they called Lords of Light you might ask? Well, it’s possibly because their heads were removable and you could insert a glow stick, or Emralyte Rod, into their bodies to make them glow. In fact, each carded figure came with 3 Emralyte rods, a comic book, some accessories and an order form for more Emralyte rods. You could order 6 rods for $3.95.


A number of vehicles are depicted on the back of the card as well. These include a Searcher, Cosmic Raider, Hyper Flyte and Emralyte Defender among others. PAC had also planned on creating a number of these figures all of which were modeled on retooled Mego/Takara Micronaut figures. The TV commercial for the Lords of Light figures show some figures other than the Evilites but it’s very likely that those other figures were never actually released to the public.

Given the short run of these figures they are fairly scarce. Emperor Dementia is probably the most common with the other Evilites being pretty hard to find in mint condition. The latest sales show the Emperor selling for around $200 and Topen for around $250. Prices will most likely go higher in the future.

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    1. Hello Joseph

      I was hoping replicate some of the Lords of Light items on Shapeways. I started by offering recolors of several parts (wings, guns, arm cuffs) of Micronauts parts I recreated.

      Can you help with any information or pictures of the unproduced items?

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