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The Clash of the Titans was a pretty good commercial success when it was released in 1981. It was Ray Harryhausen’s, the master of stop motion effects, last special effects gig and he didn’t let his audience down. While the character development and storyline perhaps left a little to be desired the creature special effects were awesome for their time. The Kraken, Medusa, Charon and Calibos were all very creepy. Mattel wanted to take advantage of the movie release and introduced an action figure line of 3 3/4 inch figures.

The initial wave consisted of Perseus, Thallo, Charon, Calibos, Pegasus and the mighty Kraken. Perseus, Thallo and Calibos had five points of articulation while Charon had three. Pegasus didn’t move at all other than some flexibility in his wings. The human figures were all 3 3/4 inches.


As you can see there were just four human figures in the initial wave including a variation of Thallo with brown or black boots. Sadly, the line was not that successful and the first wave was also the last wave of Clash of the Titans action figures released by Mattel. It’s unfortunate as it would have been interesting to see a Medusa or Bubo figure added to the line.

Pegasus came both individually in a box as well as in a box set with Perseus.


The rest of the humanoid figures, including Charon and Calibos, were issued on individual cards.


The crown jewel of the Clash of the Titans action figure set was the Kraken. The Kraken was 15 inches tall and towered over the other figures. It had detachable arms and tail and could swivel at the waist. It’s a great looking figure with its differing shades of green paint, red mouth and buggy eyes. Of course, the Kraken cost substantially more than the other figures so not many kids actually ended up with one which makes him pretty rare today.


The Clash of the Titans figures are very collectible today. The Kraken is highly sought after, especially in mint condition in the box. The boxed Kraken at the top of this post sold for over $2800.00. It is a mint figure in as close to mint as you can get box so it’s at the top of the price range for the Kraken. Still, an average boxed Kraken will bring $500.00 and up. Pegasus in excellent condition and boxed will sell for near $600.00. Most of the figures will sell for $75 to $150 depending upon condition of the card. Loose they sell for less than $50.

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  1. I know this is older, but it’s a great article because there aren’t many resources for this set online. Perseus has the same variation, by the way. Brown bracers with black boots, or black boots with brown bracers. -thumb’s up-

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