The action figure Elektroman from Ideal is a fairly rare action figure with a red and yellow uniform. His only enemy was named Zogg the Terrible. The Ideal Elektroman was released in 1977 and was bigger than many action figures of the day. He was 16 inches tall while most were just eight inches tall. Read on to learn more on the Elektroman figure here in this informative article.

With one enemy and one big light on his head, Ideal Elektroman was an action figure with a short lifespan. He was made for one year. The lack of popularity means that he is hard to find out on the market. It is said that he will bring as much as $50 dollars per sale, but since hardly anyone knows about him, that sale will be far and few between. That price is for an Ideal Elektroman that has never been out of the box. He will go for around $20 to $40 dollars if he is taken out of the box and in good working condition. Those that are on the market are usually in fair condition because they were seldom played with.

Electroman Switch

So what did Ideal Elektroman do? If you just rely on his name, it does not reflect much of his real abilities. The light on the front of his head seems to be his only weapon against “Zogg the Terrible”. Zogg looked like a brown monkey without hair, but he had a light sensor on the top of his head. Ideal Elektroman could beam out light from the apparatus on his forehead and Zogg would respond. If just one beam was sent from Elektroman to Zogg, the latter would start walking. If two beams of light were shot from Elektroman the second would make Zogg fall down on his face. This was the way the two would fight. The light emitted from either one was designed to “hurt” the other. The uniform that Elektroman had was transferred to other Ideal action figures after he was discontinued. The “Magic Hair Crissy” was a recipient of the leftover red and yellow uniform. She was sold at a discount in the employee’s store at Ideal.

Electroman Box

Ideal Elektroman wore black boots and his helmet was not removable. The light fixture in the helmet held a bulb which was powered by three batteries. They were inserted into the back of the action figure. Elektroman had electronic sensors installed which could react to a moving and flickering light. He was also issued with two badges for the kids. They were reflective and the Elektroman figure was sensitive to their proximity. If the child placed the badge near to the toy, the flickering light from the helmet would switch to a steady beam. The light created three modes for Zogg; “Guard”, “Radar” and “Stun”. He is the good guy between Zogg and himself. If Elektroman somehow was not up to fighting with Zogg, the latter came with a tiny light gun that could make Zogg fall down. The child could shoot Zogg with his own light gun in case Elektroman was “unavailable” to fight.

Electroman Box Back

Because of the fact that Electroman just wasn’t that popular with kids Ideal cut production of him short. So, there really aren’t that many around today that are in good condition. The flashlight tends to break, the prism emblem tends to fall off, and the special gun is almost always long gone.  An Electroman complete and in the box will sell for around $50.00 to $300. You might actually have a harder time finding Zogg and his gun.

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  1. I had an Elektroman when I was a kid. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it because for the life of me, I don’t know why. I remember all the stuff I got that I really wanted (Mattel Space 1999 Eagle, Southbend USS Enterprise), and some stuff I hadn’t asked for that I was…eventually happy to get (Trek Gamma IV playset). All I know is that there were tons of Elektroman commercials on TV, and I wanted one.

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