Skeletor Masters of the Universe 1982

Skeletor Masters of the Universe

Every hero needs a villain to fight and Skeletor makes a good one. Skeletor is a controlling “Gar” being who rules the dark side of Eternia. He would love nothing better than to be one of the Masters Of The Universe. Thankfully, he loses the more important battles. He was previously known as Keldor and was involved in black magic and learned the black arts from a satanic being named Hordak. After Skeletor betrays Hordak, he retreats to Snake Mountain, which he himself built. He is sinister in his original incarnations and then becomes more of an incompetent figure as time goes on. Mattel’s Skeletor Masters of the Universe action figure kept both Castle Grayskull and delighted kids busy and he was a significant animated character in the later cartoon.

The evil Skeletor gets his power from black magic. As such, he earned the title of “Lord of Destruction”. His betrayal of his own teacher only shows part of the depth of depravity of this Gars character. His Mother was a Gar, making Skeletor an outcast from a royal castle on Eternia. This caused Skeletor, then called Keldor, to roam the countryside in search of knowledge. What he found was a sorcerer named Hordak. This event caused Skeletor to use the black arts to try and take over Eternia. In some stories about Skeletor, he is said to have absorbed the power of the “Great Eye” and becomes transformed into a warrior with golden armor. It does not prevent him from being defeated by He Man though. In other episodes, he journeys to the Moon Nordor and finds a powerful crystal. He also absorbs the power from this trinket and becomes more evil. It winds up changing his appearance again, including giving him red eyes. Skeletor’s intense craving to control others is also a source of his evil power.

Skeletor Masters of the Universe

Skeletor and the other 1982 Masters Of The Universe action figures are 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch figures of the day. Mattel gave him blue skin and a purplish outfit. His head is covered in a hood and his skull face is painted yellow. Skeletor does not have regular feet, but the feet of something that looks like a heavy bird. They have three toes with claws on them, but he also has human hands. He comes with a purplish looking staff topped with the figure of a ram’s head in the 1981 version. His purplish sword is included as well. The same color protective belt covers the area between his thighs and underneath there are tiny black shorts. If you look into the eye sockets Mattel painted them with red details.

Skeletor Masters of the Universe Loose Front

The original Skeletor action figure pivoted at the waist. The waist contained an elastic spring which brought He Man back to a front-facing position. This twisting movement was created to give Skeletor and other Masters Of The Universe figures a “power punch” while children played with him. The elastic band would wear out with continued use.

The original versions of Skeletor sometimes had “half boots” that only had the front half of his boots painted. Otherwise, an unused Skeletor can be found on “8 back” or “12 back” bubble packages. The difference between the “8 pack” and the “12 pack” is the number of Masters Of The Universe characters found drawn on the back of the package. The “8 pack” will have eight characters and is more collectible than the “12 pack”.

Skeletor Masters of the Universe Loose Back

Skeletor was the second most popular action figure for most children when he came out, right behind He Man. He may be hard to find in high grade condition. Sale prices for a 1982 Skeletor action figure range from around $30-$100 for a loose figure up to around $800 to $1600 dollars for an unopened and ungraded Skeletor 12-back. 8-back Skeletors can reach upwards of $11,000 dollars for one in mint condition.

Right Now on eBay 
Clicking a link to eBay may result in a referral commission being paid if a purchase is made.
Right Now on eBay 
Clicking a link to eBay may result in a referral commission being paid if a purchase is made.

10 thoughts on “Skeletor Masters of the Universe 1982

  1. Hello, like your site…cleaning out my sons old toys and came across a skeletor with different colour scheme, black arms with a white lightning bolt running down the length and red gloves.. Can you tell me anything about it. Thank you.

    1. Not familiar with that one. The arms are interchangeable so maybe he took the arms off of Stinkor (or another figure) and attached them to a Skeletor body?

  2. Hi was wondering if you could shed any light on a skeletor action figure sitting on a scorpion like thing that has no sting but got the claws and is operated by putting your hand in a glove at the bottom then putting your middle finger in hoop connected to it then pulling down the claws operate, and also there’s a spinny bit on skeletors body at the front? Be good to get some info as I think it may have his staff, sword or both missing from it as I don’t have the box and can’t find any pics of it online – thanks- Alan

    1. Hmm..doesn’t sound familiar. There was Spydor which was battery operated and Bashin’ Beetle but it had no glove. Are there any trademark or manufacturer markings on it?

  3. Just found a Skeltor 12 back unopened when cleaning up at my parents. Any suggestions on the best way to sell it?

  4. I have and 8 back still sealed with a crease along the front and back at the seam along the plastic. I have only seen 2 online for sale at a mind blowing price. How do I know what it worth . I’m looking to sell it

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