4 responses to “Major Matt Mason The Man In Space”

  1. Michael

    I recently had to sell mine due to being sick and needing surgery I am unable to rebuy them now as I am unable to work or get unemployment

  2. Bob

    went to a garage sale today picked up the space crawler, 2 sleds,2 backpacks, 2 figures with helmets, a space shelter with inflator a chair and a few other odds and ends all for a quarter

  3. Thomas Dickensheets

    I wish I kept my Major Matt Mason.

  4. steve becker

    THE creative brillant Minds..PEOPLE THAT DESIGNED. THE MAJOR MATT MASON…were all from Nasa, Space program. USA . so much work in painting. beautiful backgrounds.Artwork. on boxes. [like Hot Wheels] for card backs. that’s why Mattel. even though went bankrupt 3 times. with Barbie. was a phenonum. worldwide. i have 2 space stations. boxes. 6 cardbacks. stephen becker -atlanta ….facebook.

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