Zodac Masters of the Universe

Zodac Masters of the Universe

Zodac was one of the first action figures that Mattel thought up, but he was different in that he was not in any minicomics. He also came with different spellings to his name. Sometimes he was “Zodak” and other times he was “Zodac”. He did appear in the Filmation series three times helping out the good guys. Zodac is not always a good guy though and earned the name of, “Evil Cosmic Enforcer” from Mattel. They gave him his incarnation in the early 1980s.

Zodac Masters of the Universe

The source of power for Zodac is his connection with the “Council of the Wise”, also called the “Council of Elders”. He is the last remaining humanoid to retain his human shape since all the rest of the members have translated over to spirit form. Zodac tries to walk the line between good and evil, so he is never seen with Skeletor. He is described as a person who is “all powerful” because of this superior wisdom. His major goal is to maintain peace within the universe. He knows where the “Star Seed” is located. The Star Seed is a powerful object that can give its owner control over the entire universe. Zodac once sent He Man to protect the Star Seed, tempting him to see if he would take the control for himself. Zodac helps both sides of the universal “good and evil” conflict, trying to make both sides happy, but it seems at time Mattel may be confused. On the back of his bubble pack is written the words,”Zodac attacks the Heroic Warriors with all the power at his command.”. Zodac was a Masters Of The Universe character that tried to live in both realms. He was the first character in the series to wield a gun. The other members in the series had only swords and related weapons.

Zodac Masters of the Universe Front

Zodac and the other 1981 and 1982 Masters Of The Universe action figures are 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch figures of the day. He came with a shape similar to He Man. His helmet was colored red and gray with curious ears on the sides. The red laser gun that he was given matched his red vest. The vest had a strangely shaped symbol on it similar to the letter “W”. In keeping with his “sometimes good” or “sometimes evil” behavior, his feet were three-toed. His gray boots covered them. Zodac’s tiny gray shorts were held up by a white belt to round out his outfit.

Zodac Masters of the Universe Back

The Zodac action figure twisted at the waist. The inside of the action figure contained an elastic spring which brought Zodac back to his position. This gave him surprising strength to hit other enemies. Mattel called this the “power punch”. The spring would wear out over time and the “power punch” would become weaker.

The Mattel series one Zodac figure did not have any versions. There were other series made in later years, but the early eighties versions stayed the same. For those collectors who want to know which of the Zodac figures are more collectible it would be the ones with the “8 back” bubble packages. These have eight Masters Of The Universe figures depicted on the back of the card. A “12 back” will have depictions of twelve action figures and is more common than an “8 back”.

Zodac Masters of the Universe Black Armor

The Zodac and other Masters Of The Universe figures were popular with the kids and later with collectors. A Mattel Zodac figure in an “8 back” package can fetch a pretty penny. If it is an unopened “12 back”, it will range around $90 dollars to up around $200 dollars. If the Zodac is “loose” ( without a package ) he will sell for significantly less, perhaps up to $30 dollars.

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