6 responses to “Stretch X-Ray – Stretch Armstrong’s Nemesis”

  1. James

    I have an unopened x-ray alien and it is in mint condition i would like to sell it for $600 how would i go about doing this on your web site. My name is James.

    1. Brian Prybylski

      Do you still have your unopened stretch x-ray? If so I would be interested in buying it.

  2. will

    i had one of these in the 80s, my friends little brother pierced it and a golden gloopy stuff started oozing out, someone tasted it and we discovered it was full of treacle.

    i guess thats so it twas safe for kids

  3. Lonnie

    I have a x ray stretch I would like to sell. Mint condition box worn top flap missing.

    1. Rich

      Hey Lonnie, is your x ray still for sale?

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