10 responses to “Stretch Serpent The Holy Grail Of Stretch Toys”

  1. Stephen

    I have a stretch serpent that is in need of repair it has a hole by the neck. Does anyone know where I could take this to repair it? I have the original box, coffin, and instruction guide.


  2. William

    Sure you do Stephen, sure you do.

  3. Kooper

    I found a case of 12 stretch serpent in the box flawless in my grandpas attic he used to manage a Kmart how much can I get for them

    1. Curt Tetreault

      Email me if you want to sell.


    What do you think the current value is for a Stretch Serpent in the box? I have a friend who found one in his garage.

  5. mark

    Email me if you’d like to sell one…thanks

  6. Dalia

    How do I go about putting one for auction? Have one in box

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