10 responses to “Skeletor Masters of the Universe 1982”

  1. Gunter

    Hello, like your site…cleaning out my sons old toys and came across a skeletor with different colour scheme, black arms with a white lightning bolt running down the length and red gloves.. Can you tell me anything about it. Thank you.

  2. Gunter

    I agree with you on the Stinkor, I just checked out a few figures. Thanks for solving the mystery.

  3. Alan

    Hi was wondering if you could shed any light on a skeletor action figure sitting on a scorpion like thing that has no sting but got the claws and is operated by putting your hand in a glove at the bottom then putting your middle finger in hoop connected to it then pulling down the claws operate, and also there’s a spinny bit on skeletors body at the front? Be good to get some info as I think it may have his staff, sword or both missing from it as I don’t have the box and can’t find any pics of it online – thanks- Alan

  4. Bobby

    Just found a Skeltor 12 back unopened when cleaning up at my parents. Any suggestions on the best way to sell it?

    1. Marts

      I’ll buy him from you ……💙💀💙

  5. Lori

    I have and 8 back still sealed with a crease along the front and back at the seam along the plastic. I have only seen 2 online for sale at a mind blowing price. How do I know what it worth . I’m looking to sell it

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