Man E Faces Masters of the Universe

Man E Faces Masters of the Universe

Man E Faces” is the direct result of the fight between the forces of good and evil, and bears the faces to prove it. He is eventually overcome with good, but only after a lot of work from the Sorceress and He Man. He was made into an action figure in the early 1980s by Mattel and is part of “series two” of the Masters Of The Universe figures.

The powers that “Man E Faces” both enjoyed and suffered were the result of Skeletor ruining his human life. Apparently Skeletor made “Man E Faces” drink a wicked potion that turned him into a monster. At this point, his powers were completely evil. The Sorceress later intervened for him and returned him to his human state. Skeletor was not content to give up and changed “Man E Faces” once again to a robot who supposedly is neither good nor evil. “Man E Faces” then had three personalities to deal with. Sometimes he is forced to obey the powers of “Beast Man” when his monster personality is taken over by him. But it seems the basic good that was originally “Man E Faces” rises to fight the evil placed within him by Skeletor. He Man believed that “Man E Faces” was not a villain. Because he was grateful of this, he joined the Royal court as an actor, which was his vocation. He was not much of a fighter, but helped He Man defend the Castle Grayskull after he was accepted by him. In one episode “Man E Faces” helps He Man by using his acting powers to become “Beast Man” for awhile to spy on the evil warriors.

Man E Faces Masters of the Universe Front

“Man E Faces” and other 1982 and 1983 Masters Of The Universe action figures are 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch figures of the day. He came with the unique helmet that matched his name. It was a blue with a red attachment on the top that allowed the children to change his face from a monster, to a robot, to a human. His body was different from the other Heroic Warriors in that he possessed pipes and robotic implant in his uniform. “Man E Faces” did not have armor on his chest and he did not come with a sword. He was given a large orange gun. He was a two toned light brown and medium blue color with his skin bearing the light brown. His legs matched the legs of the other action figure called “Trap Jaw”.

Man E Faces Masters of the Universe Face

The “power punch” was given to “Man E Faces” just like it was to the other Masters Of The Universe action figures. This was the ability to twist at the waist and come back with a snap. This was possible via an elastic band inside the body of “Man E Faces”. It would wear out after multiple uses.

The Mattel “Man E Faces” action figure did not come in other versions during this series but he was redone in later years. The difference for this figure is similar to the differences with the other Masters Of The Universe. The back of the package was either an “8 back” or a “12 back”. An “8 back” is the first and rarest of the two versions. They will have depictions of eight Mattel action figures on the back side of the bubble package. The “12 back” will have twelve figures.

Man E Faces Masters of the Universe Back

The Masters Of The Universe figures were very popular with the children and therefore became valuable collectors items later on. The “Man E Faces” figure is not that hard to find for sale online. He will range from $10 dollars up to $100 dollars for a loose figure. For one in an unopened bubble package the price will be around $100 dollars.

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