Magneto Marvel Secret Wars

Magneto Marvel Secret Wars

The Marvel Comics Secret Wars comic crossover series brought first time action figure status to many of the Marvel characters and that includes none other than the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Magneto. Fans were happy that for the first time they could play as Magneto or have a character to battle their favorite X Men. Magneto later went on to star in the big X Men feature films which turned him into a household name. When people finally realized who Magneto was they started to search for merchandise based on the character which led them right back to this classic Magneto Secret Wars action figure. The Magneto figure was part of the first series of Secret Wars characters and the back of the card lists him as 6 foot 2 inches tall and 190 pounds. He has control over magnetism and came with a laser pistol as well.

Magneto Marvel Secret Wars

This nemesis to X Men founder Charles Xavier is a pop culture icon now. Die hard True Believers remember when only they knew whom the master of magnetism was and how he and his legion of evil mutants had plans on dominating the world. Now you have this classic action figure still on the rosters of collectors and fans and quite worth the investment as the prices appear to be going up in value. Smart investors bought several of these back in the day.  MOC the Magneto figure is worth between $40 and $50 in ungraded excellent condition.

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