8 responses to “Luke skywalker 12 Back A Double Telescoping Light Saber Sells for $13,000!”

  1. Bob

    How can anyone tell if its a DTLS, if the action figure is still in the bubble?

  2. So, is this the real thing?

    […] to this website, there is actually a C-back DT luke: Luke skywalker 12 Back A Double Telescoping Lightsaber Sells for $13,000! So, it could be legit (assuming the site's info is correct.) If it's fake, it's a good one, and […]

  3. James Orlowski

    Found this in my closet. Had it when I was a kid. Am I a lucky owner?


    1. Chad


  4. ronald hill

    G.M.F.G.I. 1977 hong kong luke skywalker with double telescoping light saber out of package still in fair condition

    1. Chad

      I am interested if you want to part with it.

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