2 responses to “From The Planet Zero Come The Zeroids”

  1. David

    Im looking to purchase a Zeroid Alien, complete with programing discs but not necessarily the box.

  2. Mike

    WOW so much to say about Zeroids! I remember playing with these years ago and I also had a Zemo which is pretty hard to find now. (Zemo was a “mash up” made out of parts of all of the original 3). Not only was Zintar produced in “Silver Sparkle” and “light grey”, but the lunar sled (part of the case) was slightly different for each of them. Recently I acquired a Zerak, Zobor, and one of each version of Zintar. Now trying to find spare parts to restore them to prime condition. Zogg and Zeroid alien weren’t part of the Zeroids when I was young enough to play with them so now they don’t really seem to “fit in”. (imho). They’re all getting harder to find now, and prices are sure to go up

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