Faker Masters of the Universe

Faker Masters of the Universe

In a cross between Skeletor and He Man, a hybrid of sorts came from the minds of the Masters Of The Universe designers. Faker was supposed to be a creation of Skeletor as is indicated by his blue skin. Just one minicomic had Faker included in its pages, so there was not a lot to be said about him. Mattel packaged Faker with the words, “evil robot of Skeletor” or “evil robot imposter” on the outside. He was created as an action figure in the early 1980s.

The power of Faker is supposedly his resemblance to He Man. He was once used to lure the Sorceress away from the Castle Grayskull, feigning to be injured. In some episodes of he appears as an exact physical replica of He Man with two exceptions; his voice is weak sounding and his eyes are glowing. His deliquency can also be attributed to his negative evil powers. He was once in jail, but escaped from the intergalactic Prison Star. Some episodes suggest he is the result of a botched effort by Skeletor to copy He Man in the form of a robot. With this angle, Skeletor attempts to recreate a “fake” He Man to confuse and eventually take control of the Castle Grayskull. But it is apparent that Faker does not have “the power”. His only fight with the real He Man ends up with Faker quickly falling into the bottomless abyss that surrounds Castle Grayskull. He does not return to the Filmation series after this event.

Faker Masters of the Universe 12 Back

Faker and the other 1982 MOTU action figures are 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch figures of the day. He came packaged with a sword similar to He Man’s. He was crafted out of blue plastic but resembles the other “real” He Man action figure in the shape of his body and his facial features. He wears orange chest armor and has matching orange hair. His shorts and boots are colored purple.

Faker Masters of the Universe Front

The Faker twisted at the waist which was interesting in that the waist contained an elastic spring which brought Faker back to his original position. This pivoting action was called the “power punch” by Mattel. Over many uses of the “power punch”, the elastic band inside the action figure would lose its elasticity, resulting in a weaker punch.

Faker Masters of the Universe Back

The Mattel Faker action figure had a few versions. The first heads of the toy were made out of foam rubber. Later versions came with a hard rubber head. Some versions came with green skin instead of blue. This character was popular enough to warrant creating updates for him later in 2008. For the collector, it is wise to seek out the eighties Faker in the “8 back” version, because they are rarer and therefore worth more. The “12 back” version was released later. The “8 backs” were released first which gives them their higher value.

The Faker figure was fairly popular with the children and therefore still commands a high price with collectors. He is sold within a range of $325 dollars up to $900 dollars or more if he is in an unopened bubble pack and it is in good condition. If he is “loose”, without the package, the range will be around ten to fifteen dollars.

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