Evil Lyn Masters of the Universe

Evil Lyn Masters of the Universe

A female figure was needed to complement the traditionally male characters in the Masters Of The Universe series. This need brought along Evil-Lyn into the mix. She was designed as an evil “warrior goddess” but actually had no fighting skills. She was initially created to be the evil opposite of Teela, but in reality, she has enough power to be equal to the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Mattel brought her into their series two group of action figures in the early eighties.

Evil Lyn Masters of the Universe

Evil-Lyn was a rebellious teenager and ended up getting some of the same negative training that Skeletor did. Her magical powers are hard to come by in other Masters Of The Universe members. She comes in second in the realm of evil only to Skeletor. She is not that fond of him and frequently goes out on missions against the Heroic Warriors. Since she had no fighting powers, she used her immense magical power to harass the good guys. At times she puts on disguises to fool others such as in the animated series named, “Evil-Lyn’s Plot”. There she dons blonde hair and fools a number of victims. She is not devoted to Skeletor alone. She helps other major villains as well. Gorgon and “Dark Dream” are benefactors of her magical prowess. Evil-Lyn hopes to one day replace Skeletor and be the leader of the evil realm.

Evil Lyn Masters of the Universe Front

Evil-Lyn and the other 1983 MOTU action figures are created 5 ½ inches tall. This was a departure from the standard 3 ¾ inch figures of the day. She came packaged with a staff, similar to Skeletor’s but not as ornate. Her outfit was a blue leotard with light blue accents. Her skin was bright yellow plastic which contrasted her dark blue boots. A unique type of head dress was included that had a skull molded into the top of it.

Evil Lyn Masters of the Universe Back

The Mattel Evil-Lyn action figure was given the same “power punch” system as the other Masters Of The Universe figures. This means there was a swivel waist installed with an elastic band that allowed the toy to move. The elastic band inside brought the figure back to its original position. The elastic band would lose its snappy action after repeated uses.

Evil-Lyn was made in more than one version. Some European versions gave her green leotards instead of blue. There were also “8 back” and “12 back versions”. The difference between the two was that one bubble package showed eight Masters Of The Universe figures and the other showed twelve. The “8 back” version is going to be the more collectible of the two.

Evil Lyn Masters of the Universe Comic

For the collector, the Evil-Lyn action figure is not going to be hard to find. Getting online in the major markets will prove fruitful. An Evil-Lyn loose figure will range from four dollars up to around twenty dollars. Finding one in the bubble package will jack the price up to $35 dollars to $120 dollars or more.

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