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  1. Bob

    Hi, nice info on Obi Wan… I just thought I would let you know I sold my 12 back carded AFA 80 (dubbed the 8th wonder of the world by toy grader employees jokingly of course) I had it graded in Jan/Feb 2010 and sold it in June 2010 for $21,500. I had been told that obi wan DT’s were the rarest production figure ever. have a great day.

    1. ronald hill

      i have 3 obi’s stamped G.M.F.G.I. 1977 HONG KONG that dont have capes or sabers and are in really good shape out of box i would love to sell one

  2. Mike

    Hi I have a decent sized Star Wars collection from the late 70’s. Some are in good shape some are not (big ships etc). Where would be a good place to have it evaluated to sell?


  3. ronald hill

    ok fans im not so great with the history or the collecting but i have over thirty action figures still in good condition out of box matter of fact no boxes to any but some are mint they range from G.M.F.G.I. 1977 HONG KONG Luke Skywalker double telescoping light saber to a 1980 hong kong yoda with cloth robe and snake if any of you real die hard fans have any suggestions on where how and when i would love some feed back i currently have duplicates on 7 out of 30 mail me 1369 jr 89 at g mail

  4. Matt

    I have ben 1977 yellow lightsaber and 1977 darthvader orange lightsaber and 1977 Anakin blue light saber all 3 DT and ben looks hand painted what would thease bring me if i was 2 sell let me know at tallstud27@yahoo.com

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