Beast Man Masters of the Universe

Beast Man Masters of the Universe

Beast Man was one of the enemies of he man in the Masters Of The Universe ( MOTU ) series. He was one of the original seven characters that were created in the early 1980s. He was hairy and ended up getting on the wrong side of Skeletor. The Beast Man action figure was also included in the group of the first four MOTU figures to be released by Mattel. He got his title from another toy made in the Flash Gordon series of figures.

Beast Man is evil and looks ferocious. He comes with a whip in his hand. He had limited special powers, but they did not seem to do him much good. While Prince Adam, he man’s alter ego, was in the forest, he met up with Beast Man. Beast Man somehow knew Adam’s name. There was an altercation, but Adam wound up the winner. Beast Man reports back to evil Skeletor what happened between them, but somehow winds up being abandoned by Skeletor as an accomplice. This action figure is given an orange color with a menacing open mouth and red and orange hair. If he seems like he is on fire, it may be so.

Beast Man Masters of the Universe

He stands 5 ½ inches tall like the other action figures in the MOTU line. A red baldric, red shoulder protectors and red arm bands make up his look. His shorts are blue and he has no boots. If a Beast Man is found wearing yellow armor, it is not that way from the factory. It is a separate weapons pack and bought by customers who changed the red armor for yellow. All of this action figure’s armor came in the color red from the Mattel factory. One of Beast Man’s powers is the ability to control most of the animals on the planet Eternia. He does so for Skeletor. This action figure’s movements consisted of a waist that could be twisted. It would spring back into position with an elastic band inside.

Beast Man Masters of the Universe Front

Some of the different versions of Beast Man consisted of different heads. Early versions of the figure had a squeezable rubber head. Later versions had a solid plastic head. The solid head version is harder to find.

Since Beast Man was one of the early original MOTU action figures, he can be found online easily. He can be found on ebay at a price of $152 dollars. This is for an action figure inside the bubble pack and in good shape. Collectors will want to look for a Beast Man in an “8 back” package. This means that there are eight MOTU series action figures depicted on the back of the bubble pack. There is also a “12 pack” version, but they are worth less money. A clear bubble is going to be rarer than a yellowed bubble and worth slightly more.

Beast Man Masters of the Universe Back

An MOC Beast Man on a punched 12 back card will run about $250. A MOC with an AFA grade of 60 could see the toy selling for $200 dollars. A mint loose Beast Man sells for about $30+.

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