4 responses to “Battle Cat Masters of the Universe 1982”

  1. QueenNichola

    I have a vintage 1982 he man AND battlecat set. Its in one box and my father bought it for me from Woolworths for £7.49. Id love to know how much its worth roughly. Its been played with but iv taken pretty good care of it. Can anyone give me an idea. I cant seem to find any information anywhere on line. Thankyou

  2. QueenNichola

    Wow thank you for that info. I will be putting him away for safekeeping for sure! il keep my eyes peeled for one on ebay. Thanks again!!

  3. Ed

    If someone is interested in Heman and the battlecat.
    I sell them for 70 dollars I also have 16 other figures of masters of the universe.
    I sell them for 20 dollars.
    You can email me for more info.

    manketimoer28 at hotmail.com

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