Battle Cat Masters of the Universe 1982

Battle Cat Mattel 1982

Some cats are green. The Battle Cat action figure from Mattel is one such curious creature. He is not just a green cat, he is a green tiger, with an interesting alter ego. The Battle Cat creature is He Man’s steed in his many adventures. He is also a part of the “Masters of the Universe” collection from 1983. He was created in DC comics and joins He Man when the latter defends a jungle named Damon. The tiger who would later be named “Cringer” was in those same jungles. He later got the name of Battle Cat thanks to a boost in power from He Man.

Battle Cat Mattel 1982

The alter ego for Battle Cat was called “Cringer” because of he was prone to be scared as a kitten. His transformation becomes complete though, and he even grows bigger when Prince Adam transforms into He Man. Battle Cat is transformed when He Man points his sword at the green tiger to share some of the power with him. The bolt of “He Man power” hits the tiger and he grows larger and a saddle appears on his back. Battle Cat talks in the television series with a human voice. The characteristic change of personality in his voice happens before and after his transformation. Battle Cat had his own nemesis, he was the evil Panthor. This was a purple panther and sidekick of Skeletor.

The original Battle Cat action figure had no moving limbs. He was just pure plastic. He did come with a removable saddle and helmet. The saddle could be used by other Masters Of The Universe ( MOTU ) figures other than He Man. Later versions would include more weapons and claw guards for his paws. His size as an action figure was a bit bigger than He Man, since he had to ride him into battle.

Battle Cat Mattel 1982

The versions of MOTU Battle Cat advanced over the years. The 1983 model was a green plastic cast with yellow tiger stripes painted on. A single bubble pack with He Man and Battle Cat together can be found on ebay for around $480 dollars. They are rare and therefore make good collectible toys from the MOTU series. This action figure can be found without a card for around $25 dollars. He can be found with an imperfect package for $41 dollars. He can be found without a package and He Man riding atop for around eleven dollars on ebay. Interestingly, his nemesis, Panthor, is the same plastic cast as he is, but is painted purple. Battle Cat was popular enough that Mexican companies made bootleg copies of him. For those tigers that are out of the package the

Battle Cat Mattel 1982

The card variations that Battle Cat came in will either be the “8 back” or the “12 back”. This means that the back of the bubble package will have either eight or twelve of the MOTU series emblazoned on the back of the package. The eight backs are going to be the rarer and more expensive of the two. The eight pack Battle Cat can be found for $450 dollars if the package is unopened. If it also has an AFA rating of 85 the price will be even higher.

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5 thoughts on “Battle Cat Masters of the Universe 1982

  1. I have a vintage 1982 he man AND battlecat set. Its in one box and my father bought it for me from Woolworths for £7.49. Id love to know how much its worth roughly. Its been played with but iv taken pretty good care of it. Can anyone give me an idea. I cant seem to find any information anywhere on line. Thankyou

    1. This set without the box sold in the UK for over $200 US. It’s complete and in very good condition. The box would add more value.

      In the U.S. they are a little less valuable and sell for around $75 to $150 depending upon condition. But, that’s for the loose figures and no box.

      I think that the gift box set from 1982 is far harder to find and probably worth more. I know I’ve seen a graded version for sale for $5000 in a mint sealed box.
      There are two versions of the gift pack. One has the He-man figure with battle armor and the other does not. I also believe there are two box art versions. One has a picture of three battle cats with He-man, Skeletor and Beastman riding them. The other box art just shows He-man riding Battle cat. I would definitely take care of your set. Especially the box, and I’m sure one will show up on eBay sometime soon and you can see what it sells for.

  2. Wow thank you for that info. I will be putting him away for safekeeping for sure! il keep my eyes peeled for one on ebay. Thanks again!!

  3. If someone is interested in Heman and the battlecat.
    I sell them for 70 dollars I also have 16 other figures of masters of the universe.
    I sell them for 20 dollars.
    You can email me for more info.

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