Andorian Star Trek Mego

Andorian Star Trek Mego Card

The 1975 Mego Star Trek alien series included the Andorian figure. This was a bluish humanoid with two appendages coming out of the top of his head. If you remember the fight Captain Kirk had with the top Andorian, you will remember these aliens. Mego immortalized an unnamed Andorian in their 1975 action figures.

Andorians were hot tempered if Shran their commander was any indicator. Mego made a very accurate action figure of one Andorian warrior. He is a good example of what a toy company can do when they are motivated. The Andorian figure is very realistic and perhaps the most authentic looking alien of the Mego line. He comes from the “Journey to Babel” episode.

Andorian Star Trek Mego Card

The angry look on his face is typical Andorian fare. His antenna are realistic looking and his skin is characteristically light blue. He is given a brown leather-look uniform over a whitish body suit. A thick black belt holds it all together. There are no weapons included with the Mego figure as well as no communicators or tricorders similar to the Starfleet figures. The Mego Andorian figure was made with enough quality that no one tried to improve upon it over the years.

Andorian Star Trek Mego Loose Front

Collectors will like the availability of the 1975 Mego Andorian Star Trek. He is found in the large markets online and sometimes for a low price. There are some out there for $460 dollars in the bubble package. If you are looking for a “retro” version they are out there for around $12 dollars. They are made in this century from the same molds that Mego used back in the seventies. If you wonder what the difference is, the card that the Andorian is mounted on will tell you. The newer models from 2007 or so have drawn pictures of the Starfleet crew plus some aliens on the front. The Mego action figures from 1975 do not have the faces, they have a picture of an alien landscape. There will be a red and blue planet on the front of the 1975 bubble package and on the back will be 14 drawn faces of more aliens and Starfleet personnel.

Andorian Star Trek Mego Loose Back

A 1975 Mego Andorian in the bubble package is very collectible. He is part of the “series 2” collection from Mego. This particular action figure is also part of the series with A Talosian, Mugato and a Romulan. It is said that part of the reason why an Andorian is so collectible is that the Mego factory caught on fire when they were making the next series of these figures. Even if the factory had not caught on fire, the quality of these Star Trek figures, along with the popularity of the television and movie series, would have kept the prices high. Ultimately, the Andorians were made even more popular by later television series with such figures as “Captain Archer”. As the acclaim continues, it makes sure that the 1975 Mego Andorians stay desirable and collectible.

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